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  • new page Pahrks and Rickration
    created by AManInAMillion
    New page: Pahrks and Rickration is a televizzle "sho" created by Geg Dinners and Mikeal Shore, it is perhaps the "politic" thing to ever exist and is a ripoff...
  • discussion page Talk:Aziz Ansari
    new comment by Hafav
    Comment: I AM NOT WHITE! THAT MAKES ME FUNNY AND ABLE TO LAUGH AT YOUR INFERNAL RACE! (btw yes this is me gary palidin)
  • new page Aziz Ansari
    created by AManInAMillion
    New page: Aziz Ansari (born in February 1983) is the guy who plays Tomb Haverfrick on "Pahrks and Rickration", he also is a racist who frequently hosts racist...
  • new page No Republicans On My Doorstep!
    created by AManInAMillion
    New page: The episode begins with Peetah and friends watching an Aziz Ansari stand-up-special FOR NON-WHITE PEOPLE, Peetah gets bored and decides to change the...
  • new page ROAWD EYELAND
    created by AManInAMillion
    New page: ROAWD EYELAND is a state located near Kahnettaget, and it's country is "United McFars of America(n Dad)".
  • new page Quafuck
    created by AManInAMillion
    New page: Quafuck is a city in ROAWD EYELAND, it's where Peetah, his friends, his family, and his co-workers live, it was founded by Geffins Peetahsin in 4200.
  • new page The Geffins Houz
    created by AManInAMillion
    New page: The Geffins Houz is where Peetah Geffins lives, the "houz" is located at 4200 Democrat Avenue, Quafuck, ROAWD EYELAND (all caps, no lowercase).
  • edit Peetah Geffins
    edited by AManInAMillion diff
  • edit Ohio Brahoun
    edited by AManInAMillion diff
  • edit Glahn Fagmire
    edited by AManInAMillion diff

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